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the u.s. could respond to the crisis in ukraine. today david talks to secretary of state john kerry and marco rubio about what happened since russia has intervened. >>> from potholes in the street to cracks on bridges, the new price tag to fix the problems and improve the safety of your commute. >>> the honoring of african-americans this is still a work in progress. >>> the biggest story now on is the weather. >>> this winter has been a tough one especially on the roads. when you combine the snowy season with years of neglect, a lot of work will need to be done to make highways and bridges safer. tom costello has more on what those might cost. >> reporter: building a new expanded interchange to handle traffic from the rapidly growing suburbs, one upgrade to bridges that's cracked, crumbled, patched up and rusted. after the bridge collapse in washington state after a tractor trailer clipped the support beam. now americans dodge the landscape of potholes t the government has put a price tag on what it will cost to get roads and bridges back to where they should be. u
to secretary of state john kerry on the show. >> an important moment. secretary of state john kerry seemed to be assured earlier in the week russia would not take action like this. now putin has. what are they going to do about it? rubio perhaps running for president in 2016. he's been critical of the administration and laying out what he thinks should happen next. >> "meet the press" is at 7:30 every sunday right after news 4 today. >>> we want to take a live look at capitol hill where the week ahead, house republicans vote on a change to the president's healtheth will mark the 50th tip lawmakers tried to repeal or change the act. the newest proposal would eliminate the penalty you get for not signing up for coverage. it's expected to fail in the democratic leaning senate. >>> happening today, you could see protestors marching through northwest washington. hundreds are expected to gather at georgetown university and march to the white house to propose the keystone pipeline. along the way organizers say they'll occupy intersections and do what they call symbolic oil spills. >>> a new devel
john kerry and senator marco rubio will sit down with david coming up on "meet the press" at 10:30 after news 4 today. >>> today here in washington, protests are planned against russia's president in ukraine. a group you will gather in northwest washington. similar protests happened yesterday around the world including offices in toronto and ottawa. >>> we're getting new information now on that deadly terrorist attack in china. officials believe 34 were killed including four responsible for the attack. 140 others were hurt. according to current reports, 10 separatists ran into the train station and started cutting people with knives. police arrested one, but five others got away. we're trying to find out the motive. >>> meanwhile, navy rescue crews are looking a pilot after he crashed the fighter jet. officials tell us the fa-18 went down about 70 miles east of the navy's fallon base outside of reno. officials have been trying to contact the pilot, but they haven't heard response. the mountainous area is stalling rescue efforts. >>> this morning, outsmarting the internet hackers
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3